The United States AeroPress Championship

April 25 2014 - Seattle WA
Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Capitol Hill
1115 12th Ave.
7:00 PM


Jeremy’s Winning AeroPress Recipe

Straight from the new US Champ himself, Jeremy Moore, founder of Bonlife Coffee. You can follow him on Twitter @JeremyMoore 

Coffee used: Peru Cecovasa by Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Coffee: 17 g

Water: 260 g at 202 degrees F

Brew time: 1:33 plus 48 sec plunge

  • 17 grams of hand sorted beans, ground mid fine on the Baratza Forte
  • paper filter, rinsed
  • 202 degree water
  • pour 260 grams of water slowly over coffee in a circular motion, taking approximately 46 seconds

  • stir once
  • place plunger onto AeroPress and let brew for another 47 seconds
  • plunge slowly for 48 seconds

  • serve to judges and/or enjoy!

Baratza RULES! @Baratza

Our friends at Baratza have been champs at supporting the US AeroPress Champs and the WAC’s. We’ve been continually impressed by their enthusiasm and generosity.

This year, the USAC competitors are being supplied (spoiled) with state-of-the-art grinders to use to prepare their AeroPress brews.

As any coffee nerd or barista knows, the grinder is king for manual brew methods. Without consistent particle size, its not possible to get a good, even extraction.

Baratza’s grinders, which are designed for the home barista, but engineered for commercial use, are increasingly used in the world’s best-equipped kitchens and coffee bars. They are arguably the best in the industry.

The Forte grinder offers every adjustment a coffee pro would need, with easy to use controls, and superb grind consistency which leads to exceptional cup quality.  We think the AeroPress and the Forte are a match made in coffee heaven!

In addition to the Forte’s for the USAC competitor use, each of the top 3 competitors will go home with a brand new Baratza grinder.  Upgrade!

We’re so happy about this partnership and grateful for Baratza’s professionalism and ongoing dedication to great coffee!

Visit Baratza’s website to see their entire lineup of sexy products.

What to Expect at the US AeroPress Championships

The US AeroPress Championships, in its third year, is finally being held in conjunction with an excellent PARTY - following the example set by the evolution of the World AeroPress Championship event.

The AeroPress, which is one of the most simple, popular, and tweakable brew methods in all of coffee, is the perfect brewing device to have its own competition. It has many great variables that can be modified to personalize a recipe - grind, water amount, water temp, steep time, and method (inverted, regular, stir).  Unlike other competitions in coffee, the AeroPress Championship is meant to be highly interactive and fun to watch. The competition is never formal and silence is not really allowed - there’s no presentations, no yap yap yap about coffee sourcing, and no judges with clipboards. Competitors will brew three-at-a-time for three taste judges. Rounds only last 8 minutes, and the results are revealed on-the-spot in a sudden death elimination style. Judges will taste from each brew, and select their favorite. The cups, marked only on the bottom, will reveal the winner of each round. Winner moves on, the others are instantly eliminated.

Twenty competitors will battle for the top spot - 18 open round competitors from across the U.S. and 2 regional champions who will enter the competition after round one.  (One regional competitor is represented by a “surrogate” who will compete on his behalf using the Southern champion’s recipe to brew.)

The party, generously hosted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters, will feature their famous cold brew on tap, beer by Elysian Brewing, pizza by Veraci Pizza, and the most gingery ginger beer you’ve ever tasted - by Rachel’s Ginger Beer!  Meanwhile, the 20 competitors will compete in 10 rounds (8 min per round), three at a time, to determine who is 2014 USAC Champion.

There are 18 competitors in the open round, who will be joined by the two regional champions (Central and South) in the second round. The finalists will place 1st, 2nd and 3rd and each receive trophies and prizes

This year’s competition coffee is the Peru Cecovasa, sourced and roasted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Each competitor received a sample of the coffee (from the same roast batch as for the competition) to practice their brew recipe.


Although some events (regionals) allow competitors to use any coffee, the USAC provides a selected coffee so that all competitors have equal access - and the competition becomes about brewing and extraction skill - without giving advantage to those who may have access to excellent sourcing and roasting.  This allows non-coffee professionals to compete on equal footing.

Stumptown’s stellar design team created this rad poster for this year’s event.


The poster designs have become a phenomenon, with inspired designers creating framable art.  See some of this year’s sexy examples:

France  - Sweden - Japan - Norway 

Stumptown, with the help of Barista Magazine, printed a limited-run of 100 posters. USAC Competitors and judges and sponsors will each get one.  A limited supply of the posters will be sold at the USAC for $15 each, with all proceeds from the sale going to Jubilee Women’s Center - a Seattle organization that helps impoverished women. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported the USAC and regional events this year.  We’re excited to see the energy and momentum that continues to fuel this little competition.

Special thanks to Stumptown Coffee Roasters (especially Mark Pfaff & Andrew Daday), Sarah at Barista Magazine, Sarah Dooley and Joyce Klassen at Baratza, and Alex and Constance at Aerobie for making this year’s USAC happen.

USAC 2014 t-shirts hot off the presses are ready for tonight. Exclusively for competitors and event staff.

USAC 2014 t-shirts hot off the presses are ready for tonight. Exclusively for competitors and event staff.

The AeroPress Inventor's Secret To A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Stumptown’s Peru Cecovasa is the official coffee of the 2014 USAC.  All competitors will brew using this beautiful coffee, sourced and roasted by Stumptown. 

Stumptown’s Peru Cecovasa is the official coffee of the 2014 USAC.  All competitors will brew using this beautiful coffee, sourced and roasted by Stumptown. 

Get Ready.  Details of the 2014 competition are being finalized.

Get Ready.  Details of the 2014 competition are being finalized.

Andy’s Winning Recipe

Here it is folks - the most tastiest & winningest AeroPress recipe in all the United States.  He used a sort of double-brew paper-filter-brew method.

The brew method from Andy Sprenger:

Invert and add 10 grams of coffee on medium grind. Cut and pre-rinse a V60 filter to fit about 1 1/2 inch inside chamber and fold over rim of Aeropress. Add 8 grams of coffee into mini-V60 filter. 

Start by doing a quick pour-over, finishing at 1.5 min. with 120 g water at 203 degrees. Brewed coffee will infuse with 10 grams below. Remove V60 filter and quickly add another 150g water to AeroPress chamber. Flip and very lightly press for about 25 seconds. Total brew time ~2:30 min. Enjoy.