The United States AeroPress Championship

April 25 2014 - Seattle WA
Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Capitol Hill
1115 12th Ave.
7:00 PM


Brandon Weaver - NorthWest Region Champ

Congratulations to Brandon Weaver who won the first ever Northwest Regional Aeropress Championship.

Here’s Brandon’s winning recipe:

15 g coffee.
220 g of water at
204 degrees Fahrenheit.
Filter: Able Disk. 

Add 100 by 0:20seconds, stir, add remaining water (120g for total of 220) by 0:40seconds.
Cap and steep until 1:10. Flip and press for 45 seconds Until1:55.
Total brew time is 1:55. 

Brandon cited that his method is a variation of this one: 

Congrats Brandon who won a CJ4000 Scale, coffees from Coava and Heart, t-shirts, some Hario gear, and a reserved spot in the semi finals of the United States Aeropress Championship to be held in Portland, OR on April 20, 2012.

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